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We aim to take and print photographs to the highest quality .

Please contact us if there is anything special you would like done, We offer shoots at your own premises and these are great for gift ideas – ask for a quotation.. you may be surprised at just how cost effective this is.

We specialise in a ‘dark’ style which has over time become our signature styling and coined by a client as getting your horses picture ‘Jimmed’ The background image on this site is an example. This can be done on an existing photo you have .. ask for details.

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Jim McConnell

Jim McConnell


My name is Jim, I have a deep love of both animals and photography .. I have over 30 years experience in Photography. My aim is to please customers by delivering quality images at a realistic low cost to customers. Please feel free to ask for a personal shoot / commission I assure you quality and prompt service at a great price.



Technical Director

Hi ! I am Paul, I have over 16 years experience in Photography. I ensure all matters technical within the company are maintained and support our customers. I also staff the sales and printing facility at events. So please call over and say hello. For me a happy customer is key so please, let me know if you are unsatisfied with service.

Grundy McConnell

Grundy McConnell

Top Dog

Loves watching Jim and Paul work .. Chief security officer for rear garden and window patrol .. anti squirrel searches. With out a doubt the current most cutest team member

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